"I started taking piano lessons when I was a Colonel in the Army and I have continued after I retired from active duty.  The piano is a wonderful instrument and is a challenge to learn how to play.  I look forward to practice.  It is very satisfying to see improvement and to be able to play more challenging and beautiful music.  I feel it is never too late to learn something new and playing the piano at any level is rewarding."

Jerry Johnson
COL (Retired)
US ArmyContractor
United States Army War College
"Without music, life would be a mistake."

-Friedrich Nietzsche

The Impact of Music...
Mikesell Music
- Developing talent in Carlisle for over 20 years  
"The things I learned from my experience in music in school are
discipline, perseverance, dependability, composure, courage, and pride in results,
not a bad preparation for the workforce!"

-Gregory Anrig - President, Educational Testing Service
Music leads to...
- Better test scores
- Increased motivation
- Increased discipline in the classroom 

Quality of Life:
Music leads to...
- Music leads to relaxation
- Personal Growth
- Pride in Accomplishment
- Increased Self Confidence
- Connection to Spirituality

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