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Frequently Asked Questions...

  • How old does my child have to be to start playing the piano?
    - While there is no minimum age, second or third graders are usually good candidates.

  • Am I too old to start learning to play an instrument?
    - Of course not! Over 25% of my students are adult beginners who do very well. It just takes a little dedication and willingness to learn!

  • How long should I practice each day?
    - The more "focused" practice the better. However, my general rule of thumb is to complete each piece of music three times during one session on a daily basis. 

  • Will my child be participating in recitals?
    - Recitals are held annually. No student will be required to perform, however particpation is highly recommended. We believe recitals help with self-confidence and focus. It is important to also remember rictals are a fundamental step to building a performer.

  • Will my child learn Music Theory?
    - Yes. Music theory is learned along with piano techniques and is a fundamental part of my teachings.

  • Why learn piano?
    - Learning piano will automatically help you learn to sing and read sheet music. Piano skills are transferable to all types of instruments and even makes learning those instruments easier!

  • Do I need to own my own instrument?
    - No. We have had students rent an instrument, practice at family/friends and some have even utilize time at a local school or other practice facility. However, the more you are able to practice the better your chances of rapid advancement. Having your own instrument is always preferred.  

"I have been taking piano lessons from Mrs. Mikesell for seven years. Mrs. Mikesell offers a comfortable learning environment where she has taught me the piano. I have been able to use my music knowledge in many school activities including mallet percussion in the middle and high school bands. These instruments use the same layout as the piano. By learning the piano, I have been able to accept new opportunities."

Ellie Stuart
Grade 10
Carlisle High School
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